Abma Genealogy

As I am an descendant from the Abma family tree, I am interested in the history of the Abmas. There are already at least two people who did a lot of research work in figuring out the geneaology of the Abmas. One of them is the Abma family tree page made by A. Hillebrand and the other is the owner of the Abmas.com site. Currently I am trying to put the whole tree of Abmas into GRAMPS software, which is a sort of database where you can generate nice graphics/reports with. I started at the 16th century and stopped at the 19th century and have a few hundred names in it. But many more names have to be put in, so be patient, perhaps all Abmas are in there by the end of this year.

I also want to buy a nice domain for it to put it on, but the person who wants to sell abma.net asks at least 1000-1500 dollars for it. Just too much.