Vintage hardware, my first soundcard: Sound Galaxy NXII

When I was at my parents house I found an at least fifteen year old (original) box containing my first ISA 8-bit soundcard which I bought from my neighbour for about 90 guilders, somewhere in 1993. It also came with two five watt mini-speakers (not on the photos). The first thing I did was play Wolfenstein 3D on my 80286 (12 MHz.), with sound. Very exciting at that time of course. For those of you interested in the very advanced specifications:

  • Full Adlib, Sound Blaster, Covox Speech Thing and Disney Sound Source compatible
  • 11 FM Music Synthesizer
  • Digitized Audio Playback
  • Analog Digital Recording
  • Manual and Software Volume Control
  • Configuration Setting via Software Control
  • Dynamic Filtering
  • Built-in MIDI-interface
  • CD-ROM interface
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Microphone Automatic Gain Control Amplifier
  • Game port
  • Complies with Microsoft Multimedia Level I
  • 6 Bundled Software

Sound Galaxy NXII box Sound Galaxy NXII soundcard and documentation Sound Galaxy NXII soundcard ports