My name is Tjeerd, 35 y/o and living in the Netherlands. Some of my hobbies are computers (development), music, photography, drumming. I work as a software developer in the healthcare ‘industry’.


My favorite – although sometimes intensive – way of travelling is backpacking. Before the journey really begins, some preparations have to be made, like making hostel reservations and planning your route. From the day the journey really starts the holiday officially begins. I prefer the Northern/Western Europe countries so at the moment I’ve done a round-trip Denmark-Sweden-Norway and a round-trip England-Scotland-Ireland and a round-trip Switzerland. All by train. I hope to visit more countries in Europe in the future, preferably also by train, although some countries to get to require a different method of transport.


My favorite genre in books is hard science fiction, these books are like science fiction, but try to be more scientific accurate/detailed. Some of these books are Diamond Age, Otherworld (Tad Williams) and Tau Zero. Another book I really like is Singularity (Ray Kurzweil).


A while ago I started drumming. My first experience with a drumkit was an electronic kit, the Yamaha DTXplorer. It’s rubber pads and relatively affordable price and a nice soundquality made it a good start for me. But I missed the “real” experience on this drumkit. I’ve had an acoustic kit for a while, but due to moving to a new house and the amount of noise the drumming on it makes – with a bit of pain in my heart – I sold it. But, autumn 2011 I bought a TD9-KX2 electronic drumkit and that’s where I exercise on now.


Take a look at the travel gallery or take a look at all the other pictures I made.

My freshly setup photography gallery can be found at http://www.tjeerd.net/photography.


At my parents home I started at the age of 9 with a borrowed Commodore 64 with tape-recorder, there I started programming my simple and perhaps stupid software in BASIC. Shortly after that I got a second hand ColecoVision (Z80) from my parents. The next step was a “real” PC, an XT-machine with CGA monitor. From there on it really started for me and the rest is actually history. I won’t bother you with further technical details here.


I like using Wikipedia, but I also like to contribute a little bit to the Dutch and the English Wikipedia.