Because drumming is cool

There are some things in life which you always have in mind but never realize, because you are doubting whether you should realize it. The same thing is in my case true for playing on a drumkit. I don’t remember anymore where exactly I was inspired, but when looking around on I found out more about electronic drums. A lot of discussions are going on what brand is good and bad and what you should not do etc. It was not that easy for me to make a decision, but to start with the ‘cheapest’ electronic drum from Yamaha, called the DTXplorer seemed (typo) the best for me to start with. I played it at and that’s really cool to do! It sounds very realistic to me (and btw an acoustic drum was not really an option for me). Here you can see/hear the DTXpress 3 fromYamaha, which is basically the same, but ofcourse more expensive and more features.

Ordered now and waiting till it’s being delivered.