Drumming again

Haven’t been writing for a while, so for those who are still alive out there and are die-hard visitors of my site, here a short update. I’ve cancelled the drumkit order. Delivery would take 4-6 weeks and I really didn’t want to wait that long. I went to another online shop and ordered it somewhere in Amsterdam where they had the drumkit in stock. Within a few days the drumkit was delivered at home and could I start drumming. I haven’t had much time to practice drumming, but I’ve found some very interesting sites for drummers. A Dutch forum www.drumforum.nl, a site with a free PDF-course at www.drummingessentials.com and finally also a section on the creators of drumsticks with good drumvideotutorials at Vic Firth.

Anyway I connected my drumkit to the computer and can record my newbie drumming trials. I’ve done this together with some music which I could find at that moment, so don’t bother me with that. And I know that I am not in sync with the song and that I abused the toms, but to be honest, I didn’t practice with those songs, but just recorded it once. I hope this will be better in the future ;). The first is Herman van Veen – Hilversum 3 and the second one is Anouk – Behind these walls. I need to practice a lot, but it’s already funny to be able to do this.