Transparent OLEDs and LED-cube

Like everyone knows, my world exists of LEDs. LEDs normally will never fail (quickly). Just keep that for god’s sake in mind. Don’t start making me angry and don’t try to be sarcastic about LEDs when I am nearby you. Look at the Fremont Street Experience to see how a 1500 feet pedestrian mall ceiling consists of 12.5 million LEDs.

Ok, there are many LED-variants. One of them is also OLED. Which stands for the organic variant. There did already exist transparent LED-like thingies — FOLEDS, TOLEDS –, but at Fraunhofer (Germany) they (also) developed a transparent LED. Nice stuff.

And what about this LED-cube? Multiply the amount of LEDs a few hundred times by transparent LEDs and you can build up some sort of holographical image. Theoretically.