Shoes, Dutch, LED throwies

  It again has been a while since my last log, but I am back. First thing I had to do last week is buy new shoes, because I have to visit a wedding soon and my mountainshoes are not really that nice. So the first thing you do is look around in shoe-shops. All kind of stupid shoes to look at, but none looks ok. Then you have the shoes which looked ok to me, but too nerdy. I went to the Dump and there I bought my nice boots, as you can see on the left.

I am also thinking about writing my logs in Dutch, because it would be a lot better to express my thoughts, I think. At least it’s easier for me to write 😉 So if you think I should do that, leave a comment and perhaps I’ll write in Dutch.

I found a nice site with some LED-stuff on it. It’s some sort of LED-on-a-gluestick which you can throw onto a building (finally it will fall off). Some creative people out there, watch it over here. And what about this guy? It’s the best stoneskipper in the world. I’d be happy if I could throw a stone 5 ‘skips’.