Italo disco music

Italo DiscoQuite a lot of people have heard about (synthpop) artists from the 80’s like Aha, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, New Order, Ultravox etc. At least the artists I name here are really what most people agree typical 80’s music, with quite an electronic influence in them. Anyway, to get my real point, today I found out – by coincidence – a new type of music style called “Italo disco“. And as the name suggests it has its origins in Italy, so besides pizza and macaroni I have a new association with Italy. Typical characteristics of this music style: electronic, simple beats, many synthesizers and relatively simple lyrics. It’s just simple music perhaps. But it does sound happy and entertaining. You can hear a compilation of this music style here or even watch some choreography with it – I like 80’s music clips by the way, especially when they are so wrong. Of course there is also a big list on Wikipedia with artists which are typical Italo Disco style. I am going to get some more tracks I think, or at least the best of.