How does it feel like to have dementia?

Dementiatest cartoonDementiatest photoWith a little test you can experience symptoms of dementia. All you need is a mirror, a pencil and a some pieces of paper. First draw a six-pointed star and inside that star draw an other extra six-pointed star, in such a way that you have a narrow band of about 1 cm between the inner and outer star. Now setup a mirror in front of the paper where you drew the star on. Finally grab another piece of paper to cover the drawing on your side, so that you can only see the mirror image of your star. Now start drawing a line between the inner and outer star and try to stay within the lines of the star. Keep drawing a line until you have followed the complete shape of the star and you end up at the beginning. Remember, you are only allowed to look via the mirror.

Once completed, this test gives you the feeling of someone who has dementia and has problems with his orientation.