Holiday in Confoederatio Helvetica (Switzerland)


The last two weeks Nina and I were on holiday to Switzerland. We jumped on the train at Utrecht Centraal to Basel and from there on we took several other trains to visit places and locations. We started our holiday in Luzern, which – to our impression – was the most attractive city.

The overall weather was quite good, except for one hot day in Lugano where it was too warm to walk around, so we where sitting at and in the swimming pool the whole day. Now I understand those sun-adorers who take a hotel at the beach and do nothing the whole day. The day after Lugano we went to St. Moritz where the weather became the complete opposite. It was snowing and almost freezing, so we had to buy extra clothes. Even the people in the village themselves didn’t expect this snow/weather.

The final destination was Zermatt with its Matterhorn mountain nearby with a height of 4478 meters. The transport in Zermatt is mostly electric, so it is a quiet village and very clean. The village is even in the top five of greenest cities in the world.

We have seen a lot of beautiful landscapes on our trip and nice villages with old buildings. You can see the pictures we took at the travel gallery under the Switzerland flag.