Victim Support

Secure bikeThis week my bike was stolen. I walked out the frontdoor and I only saw Nina’s bike, but not mine. I could make a hassle of it, but gone means gone. The first thing I did is look on Marktplaats for second hand Kronans and luckily I found a black one for sale and not that far away from where we are living. I called the seller and two hours later I had a ‘new’ bike to ride on.

In the evening I sent a complaint to the police online. I could specify all details of my stolen bike. I knew that in Utrecht it is quite useless with so many bikes, but perhaps my complaint could be used in the statistics.

Today I got an e-mail where they said my case was not detailed enough to go any further. Although they understood that it can be a thorough experience. They offered me victim support for emotional support. I liked my stolen bike a lot, but there were also quite some problems with it. My new bike compensates everything for the stolen one, so thanks for the victim support, but no.