Evil youth

They have always been there, they will always stay here and in the future they will also exist. What I’m talking about is called evil youth. Last week I me and my girlfriend were sitting in the metrocar and we were ‘listening’ to a guy who had some sort of handheld mp3 stereo-installation. He was standing nearby the driver’s cabine. Anyway, half the metrocar could hear his music. Ofcourse we are in the 21st century and nobody dares to say anything about it, including me. The metrodriver anyhow opened his door and said he was shaking on his chair and he asked whether the guy could turn down his volume. The guy said that it wasn’t that loud, anyway he turned down the volume. As soon as the door from the driver’s cabine was closed he turned up the volume again. The next metrostation the metrodriver again opened his cabine – the guy turned down the volume immediately – and again started complaining something like: “Godverdomme, doe dat ding uit”. The guy said the music was off, definitely lying ofcourse. The metrodriver mumbled something and closed the door again.

Then after some seconds the guy again turned up the volume and now the metro stopped somewhere between two metrostations and now the metrodriver was really pissed and opened the door once again – the guy again immediately turned down the volume – and asked whether he couldn’t read the companyrules. The guy said he didn’t know the rules.

Finally when arriving at the last metrostation we could leave this nasty stuff. But before the guy left the metro he first had to turn up the volume to a maximum and leave the metrocar as if nobody could do him anything.

Yeah, I can now write a story about it, but it’s actually very sad that those guys exist.

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