Hunters, snow and more

Je suis back from a short relaxing holiday in Weert and now I am quite sure that I want to swim more, because it really is a good exercise for your body. Got useful christmas presents like a drums-tutorial book, very nice.

While I am back in town for some days already, yesterday there suddenly arrived a car with a horsetrailer behind it. It opened and a bunch of hunters with big guns jumped out of it. They usually hunt for ducks or rabbits or something like that, but I hope the animals were smart enough this time to escape from those bad ass guys. Hunting is a really sad sport.

Furthermore there is finally some snow as you can see here and here. They predict and warn for more snow and black ice (ijzel) so it can get spectacular outside. And if I look outside now I already see some snow falling horizontally with a lot of wind.

While pogoing around the Internet my eye fell on the Falkirk Wheel, some very strange — but cool — construction in Scotland which connects two different canals (on different heights).

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