Jamsession and photo browsing

Yeah, again a technical related log. Currently I have no inspiration for logs about my life. Wait, tonight I will go to a jamsession of a band in Muziek Centrum Albrandswaard. Perhaps we can also play somewhere/somehow on the drums, although I am really doubting whether that would be a good idea. At least we will take a look on how it looks like. Perhaps in the future we can try to exercise there 😉

Another thing I would like to mention is the PhotoMesa Image browser, which you can find here. It uses .NET — I won’t say anything about .NET, just decide it yourself — and allows you to very easily browse through your photogalleries. The benefit of this program is that you smoothly can zoom in/out while browsing the pictures. It allows you to instantly zoom into pictures. Just try it to experience how it works. Ofcourse tools like Breezebrowser, Google’s Picasa and Capture one also allow you to sort out (or even edit) your pictures. If you know something even better, just let me know.

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