A long time ago

It’s again already a while ago I wrote something, so here I am again to notify you of my activities. A few weeks ago we exercised in MCA (MuziekCentrumAlbrandswaard) and that was really cool. We had the biggest room (5×7 meters?) with a couch, airconditioning and very good equipment. It’s a pity we didn’t have a cam to take some pictures of it. I played every instrument which was available there. So I’ve played the acoustisch drums, the keyboard, bass guitar and the electric guitar. Playing acoustic drums is really different than electronic drums. O, btw, check out Buddy Rich here. He is really the snare man. Ok, ofcourse there are a lot more good drummers out there, but Buddy is a nice one to watch.  

Tomorrow we will practice again in MCA again and this time with an extra guitarplayer and perhaps even a female singer, but that depends on how she feels (she was a bit sick this week). I think it’s a bit too heavy to start with a female singer, but perhaps it works out ok. Don will take his e-kit and install that one there, so we can combine the two drumkits. We will just see how it goes.

What more to tell? O yes, I installed DOSBox to play some old games like Keen, Dune 2 etc. Especially the oldskool Adlib-sounds are great.

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