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Solar Mobile ChargerThe last months I read several times about new solar energy breakthroughs on Digg, but often it takes a few years before you will see it back in the stores. I was not planning to buy a big solar energy panel, because we don’t even have the space for that. And because we are renting this house, I am not going to install it on top of our roof. But solar energy is something which could really make you independent on electricity, helps for a cleaner environment and in the end is cheaper. First you have to make an investment and you need to have the panels for a long time, before it pays back. But anyway, with new discoveries around the corner it might become even more interesting to buy solar panels in the near future.

While I was looking around for portable/smaller solar panel based chargers, I stumbled upon a so called Solar Mobile Charger. This device allows you to recharge your mobile phone, mp3-player or other device, by converting solar energy to electricity, which is really handy. My plan is to recharge my mobile phone as much as possible with this new device. I immediately ordered the device via a Dutch website and I hope to get it this week. You have to start somewhere with solar energy.

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  1. Tjeerd, that’s really interesting!

    Please do post about your first experience when you get the charger (together with some details on how it works etc)

    One interesting thing for me is to see how conscious are the people of such a cloudy country on the use of solar energy…

    take care,

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