So quiet …

MarktIt’s already a while ago I wrote a story here and that’s because I was partially busy with a side project called WorldTradeCity. I think it started two years ago when Don and I had the idea to build some sort of digital marketplace which combines the best of Ebay, Craigslist, Marktplaats, Google Base, Speurders et cetera. You might think “yet another digital marketplace” and you are right. But we have been thinking about that for a long while and we came up with a list of functionalities which are not implemented yet in any existing marketplace. Let me be clear that we don’t want too complicated interfaces and useless features. We will definitely try to keep it stupid simple. And it’s a fun project to work on and to learn from.

For now I can’t tell you anything more about the details of the project. Wait till very early 2009 for a public release of the site. If in the meanwhile I need some testers I probably know where to find you.

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