House hunting

Since last year we are keeping an eye on houses nearby Utrecht and we are not the only ones. Which makes it difficult to find a house which is an improvement on what we currently have and which is also nicely situated. In the price range we are searching you actually get the same as we already have now, only difference is that it’s then centrally heated and it has (sometimes) isolated glass and a garden. But usually the total space of the house doesn’t differ that much compared to what we have now. Actually, the more houses we see, the more we realize that our rented house isn’t that bad at all, if you see what neighbourhood we are living in at the moment. Not that we want to stay here for years, but we are not in a big hurry to pay a lot of money and actually getting not that much improvement. So we can save money in the meantime.

But anyway, last week we looked in De Bilt and visited a nice house together with a realtor, the house is situated in a nice neighbourhood, in front of a small park, nice trees in the garden. The realtor already suggested to chop a tree in the garden, but we were actually coming there because of the trees. The house was built in a slightly older style and looked nice on the internet. From the outside it indeed still looked nice, but inside it looked smaller compared to what we have now, while it should be 20m2 bigger. There were some things which had to be upgraded, like electricity, new stairs, partly new windows, new ceilings etc. Not really a big problem, but the house was already relatively expensive. We could pay that, but compared to what we have now we didn’t find it a real improvement. If the price drops 10-15% (it already dropped the last few months) then it really becomes interesting.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the house I made in Sketchup. Click on the thumbnails to see the larger version.

Huis De Bilt #4Huis De Bilt #3Huis De Bilt #2Huis De Bilt #1   

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