Househunting: too late

Last year we now and then looked for houses nearby Utrecht, but we weren’t really active. Since beginning of this year we are more actively seeking for a house and once in a while we see a house which looks interesting from the outside. Then we arrange a realtor to get a free tour to see the inside of the houses. It’s a good thing to do to see what you can expect for a certain price. Till now we aren’t yet really convinced of the houses, although a house in De Bilt came close, but it was too small. Everytime we realize that the house we currently rent is relatively spacey.

Anyway, two weeks ago we saw a house in for sale for 6+ months, but the weather was bad and there were streetworkers making a lot of noise. We were actually doubting whether this house is situated in a nice area. Anyway, we didn’t arrange a realtor yet for this house. Last week we visited together with a realtor other houses which I personally didn’t have a “good” feeling about and the living rooms were again smaller than what we are used to. At the end of the day we biked along the house we first saw, but now without streetworkers and with a nice sun. Actually the house wasn’t bad at all. And last weekend we fantasized about customizing the house and upgrading it, we really started to like it, especially because the living room is at least the size of ours. And the total space was also quite big. Today I called the realtor to make an appointment and they told me that the house was sold last Thursday. Really unbelievable and I really really really regret that we didn’t come into action earlier. For the moment it’s still strange that on the internet the house is still for sale. And even when we were there last weekend the for sale sign was hanging on the window.

I am not happy. On the one hand I hope that the current buyers cancel their bid, but on the other hand I hope that something else comes along which comes close to this house.

Some Sketchup-models from the house:
Huis I Huis II Huis III

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