Househunting: too late, part two

CrosshairLast week was a busy week for me, in the sense of having big workmeetings everywhere the whole day and evening. That was good, because it distracted me from the failing househunt. But we were still in doubt about whether the house was really sold. Because if the bid was accepted between the buyer and seller, they’d have three days to cancel it. And after those three days the internet site where the house is on should be updated saying “sold with reservation”. This was not the case and so Nina called the realtor last Wednesday to ask whether the house was already sold and the realtor replied that the buyer and seller had agreed last Tuesday on the house price. That’s the first strange sign. Anyway, could still be the case of course. This morning we got an e-mail that the status of the house had changed, but when we looked at the site, it was still for sale. They only added a brochure to it.

At this moment we really didn’t understand what was going on. So this morning we decided to bike to the realtor’s office to see whether the house was being advertised in the display window. And indeed it was, still for sale. We were lucky that the office was open, so we went inside to ask some nasty questions.

We asked the receptionist about the house whether it was sold and she said it was still for sale. She said we had to wait for the realtor who could explain it to us what’s going on. We asked why the house isn’t sold with reservation and he told us that the woman who wanted to buy the house couldn’t yet get the required mortgage and that they had some difficulties with that (“you can’t get a mortgage that easyily nowadays”). Furthermore we asked whether other people were on the waitinglist and he said that there were none on it yet. We knew that we were on that list, so that was clearly a lie (or he just has a bad memory). Actually with every question we asked him he turned around his eyes and was clearly thinking of a good excuse.

Anyway, we again put ourself on the waiting list and next Tuesday we will hear if the house is really sold with reservation. We hope that the woman can’t get the mortgage for this house of course. This may sound evil, but it’s our only hope. We will know more next week. And if it’s sold then it’s really over for us, for this house at least.

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  1. Hi Tjeerd,
    It has been a while since I could not check your website. So, since there is no other entry, I understand that you could not get this house, did you?

    Good luck if you are still searching..

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