The Home Project

The Home ProjectToday I came along the Home Project site, which is all about our world and the environmental impact we have on our world. Very nice sceneries and places on earth are shown, but also the negative impacts on the environment we have as human beings. It reminds me a bit of Al Gore’s film, be it that Al Gore shows a lot of statistical slides about environmental problems. For a lot of people that film was a good start to get some insight about things going on on our planet. Not all was true perhaps, but it was a good thing to start the discussion.

Anyway, the Home Project is nice free documentary available on Youtube (even in HD) which you should see. Speaking about the environment, I think we will get there in the end and that this century we can/should change a lot of things and use less resources. Or at least use more renewable energy sources. But hopefully this project will again freshen up people’s minds.

And now go to The Home Project site to see the documentary.

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