NIИ concert at Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam

NIN - concert hall
NIN - concert hall

Yesterday I went for the third time in my life to a concert of Nine Inch Nails, previously I saw them in Paradiso and at the Nijmegen Rockin’ Park music festival. This time I went together with a good friend(+girlfriend) and for the second time in my life I was sitting at a concert (in the back). Far away from the sage, but actually not so bad, it was quite warm inside and I usually get tired in my legs when standing the whole evening.

I mostly liked the older tracks they performed. Some tracks I didn’t even recognize, but afterwards I read that he mixed up some tracks live. I don’t know about the ambiance. I had the idea that they were just performing with not that much interaction with the public, but Trent isn’t a big talker at all. But that doesn’t really matter, in the end it is all about the music. Another thing I missed is the big LED-screens with animations on it. I was expecting to see that at this show, but they actually only used oldskool light spots mostly. It certainly would have brought the performance to a higher level.

But I keep respect for the band and their philosophy in the music world. The last albums are available for free, concert footage is allowed to be used/mixed and Trent just posted his view on how to do it different in the music world. Probably the tours they are doing this summer are the last ones and will they be non-active for a long while.

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